Cleaning Supplies for Recorders

On this page, we’ve researched all the best deals for recorder cleaning supplies and accessories. We’ve included links for each product where you can find out more information and buy if you’d like.

*Note: We’ve listed the prices below last time we checked. They may have changed since…

Cleaning Supplies for Recorders

stack of 5 polishing cloths

Microfiber Polishing Cloths (5-pack)

Cleaning brush for recorder

Recorder Brush

Bottle cleaning brushes

Bottle Brushes

Sterisol Musical Instrument Germicide


Maintenance Supplies for Recorders

Here’s a few additional supplies you may need. If you own a wooden recorder, the almond oil is a must to properly maintain your instrument!

recorder cleaning rod

Recorder Rod

sweet almond oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

All-Natural Cork Grease

All-Natural Cork Grease

Looking for a new recorder?

If you’re looking for a new recorder, look no further! We’ve researched and recommend the following recorders, including a Yamaha plastic recorder, a wooden recorder, and a more expensive tenor recorder.

yamaha soprano recorder

Yamaha Soprano Recorder w/ Rod

maplewood soprano recorder with brush

Maplewood Soprano Recorder w/ Brush

yamaha tenor recorder

Yamaha Tenor Recorder w/ Rod