Cleaning Supplies For Trumpets And Cornets

We’ve done the research on trumpet instrument cleaning supplies so you can through the crap and know you’re getting the best deal possible: solid quality at a low price. You’ll find that our recommendations below will save you money and are essential for taking care of your trumpet, cornet, and some other brass instruments.

You can find most of these same supplies at your closest musical instrument store but if you’re looking for convenience of getting these items delivered to the house and take advantage of these deals, use the links below.
*Note: We’ve listed the prices below last time we checked (October 2020). They may have changed since.

Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit

Trumpet Cleaning Kit

Trumpet Care Kit

Trumpet Brushes and Snakes

trumpet brush kit

Trumpet Brush Kit

mouthpiece brush

Brass Mouthpiece Brush

Bore snake brush for trumpets

Trumpet Bore Snake Brush

Other Supplies

brash polishing cloth

Brass Polishing Cloth

slide grease for brass instruments

Slide Grease

valve oil

Premium Valve Oil

Stack of microfiber cloths (8)

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (8-Pk)

Sterisol Musical Instrument Germicide

Sterisol Musical Instrument Germicide

Equate rubbing alcohol

70% Rubbing Alcohol (32 oz)