Cleaning Supplies for Clarinets

On this page, we’ve researched all the best deals for clarinet cleaning supplies and accessories. We’ve included links for each product where you can find out more information and buy if you’d like.

If you need a few cleaning supplies for your clarinet, you’ll save money by buying a whole kit. We’ve included a few kits here but we recommend the first one. You really get a lot for the price and you won’t regret it!

*Note: We’ve listed the prices below last time we checked. They may have changed since…

Clarinet Cleaning Kits

These really are the best deal you can get when it comes to quality and price. I’d recommend buying your cleaning swab separately but these kits are a great way to pick up most of the cleaning supplies and accessories you need, and save some of your hard-earned cash.

Clarinet Swabs

After researching tons of clarinet pull through swabs, we recommend these 2 swabs. You can read more about why we prefer the silk and synthetic chamois fabrics for swabs and more at this article: The Clarinet Swab: Everything You Needed To Know And More.

Other Clarinet Supplies

Here’s the other products that we recommend for clarinet owners. You can find out more information for each product by following the links.  We researched for hours to find the products that are the best quality and still a good deal.

A couple of things we’d like to point out though!

  • You can save money with the Sterisol concentrate. It’s not as handy as the spray but this will go a long way.
  • Although there are better deals on the cork grease, we’re recommending the all natural product.
  • The mouthpiece brush by itself is $5.99 so we’re recommending the brush + screwdriver + cloth combo for $6.99 since you’ll need a screwdriver for your pads anyways, and always good to have an extra cloth.
  • For the key brush, we’re not too keen on the shipping cost with this item so would recommend getting a kit instead that includes the brush.
  • For key oil, the Yamaha medium key oil is the recommended product but it’s a little pricey in our opinion so we included an alternative that should do the job.

Clarinet Cases

Cases generally last a long time and when you buy a clarinet, it typically will come with a quality case as well. However, they will degrade over time so we have two options that we’d recommend – first, a more modern case that is easier to carry and more stylish. Then, a more traditional suit-case style clarinet case.

Cleaning Supply Pages

We’ve researched cleaning supplies and gear for the following musical instruments:

General Cleaning Supplies

Here’s a few general supplies that are useful for most instruments.

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