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This website was started to help educate musicians and instrument owners on proper cleaning techniques that you can do at home, as well as in-depth product reviews and comparisons, and more. We are passionate about music and all types of instruments, and this website is geared towards those that share the same passion.

We research each topic related to instrument cleaning to provide you not only the most accurate advice, but presents it in a way that’s easy to understand. We encourage our visitors to share our advice with others who are looking for the same information about maintaining their instrument.


Since I grew up with a music and piano teacher, I would constantly see musicians visiting for lessons. I heard a lot of beautiful music and a lot that needed help. Later, I would play the clarinet, a little bass clarinet, and some saxophone in band. Now that I’m older, I stick with the guitar and piano. My kids say I’m good but my wife, not so much.


Josh was a local piano celebrity for a while, playing piano in a band and doing gigs throughout the area. His dad has been a professional piano technician/tuner for decades.


Andy is an experienced luthier who has built guitars for many big name artists. Along with repairs, he builds custom electric and acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and cajóns. One day he’ll create a website so I can link to his business.

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